Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Curing Ear Infections Naturally

I have NO IDEA why more people do not know about this. I have NO IDEA why doctors do not prescribe this or even suggest it as an option. Our medical decision tree is completely out of whack and is actually set up to harm us rather than help us in many situations. Let me begin by telling you our story (before I give away the BIG cure!!). By the way, this cure has been around for centuries and I have even blogged about it once before but I didn't realize it would be so potent for ear infections too!

So it was the beginning of December and I was gearing up for the boy's big 2nd birthday party. We weren't doing anything extravagant, just a small party with close friends at the house. But anytime you host it winds up being bigger than you even expected. About 1 week prior to the party Cole gets sick. I assumed it was just another virus and that I would use my oils to help him pass it through his body. Well, his cough was getting better but he seemed to be in pain so I decided to take him in to the doctor. To my horror and and surprise, Cole and Jake both had ear infections in one ear and required an antibiotic! I was devastated because I never had to use antibiotics on my boys (with the exception of one dog bite) and I was so proud of this fact. Now my record would be broken and my boys would be exposed. Modern overuse of antibiotics for ailments that don't require them strengthens bacteria and helps it become resistant to those very same antibiotics. We are actually making ourselves sicker by all the antibiotics we take.

Well, I left that doctors office defeated and filled the scripts. For the next 10 days my boys took 2 doses daily of amoxicillan. They took it like champs and never complained. They seemed to be out of pain and got their energy back. We survived the birthday party and everyone had fun. I also did not hear of anyone getting ear infections after the party which is also a good sign. But about 2 days later Jake started secreting goop from his eyes and both of them started getting very colorful boogers. This to me was another sign of infection. So I took them back to the doctor. Well, wouldn't you know it, they both had DOUBLE ear infections!! "How could this be?", I asked myself? I thought the antibiotic was supposed to kill the infection? Apparently, it wasn't strong enough and they needed to go on a round of Augmentum. WOW. I was starting to feel ill myself just thinking about the next 10 days and what my boys would have to take.

So off we went. I was definitely pissed but I filled the scripts once again for the antibiotic. It didn't feel right to me that I was doing a 2nd round when the infection obviously didn't respond to the 1st round. Its not like they got a whole new ear infection. This was the SAME ear infection that just got worse because it has been left to grow.

The Augmentum was disgusting and the boys told me so. However, they took the meds like big boys and after a day I saw some of the eye goop diminish but the colorful snots were still there and the cough got much worse. After 10 days I felt I had to bring them back to the doctor AGAIN. The eyes got worse again and now Jake looked like he had shiners under both eyes. Iron deficiency actually crossed my mind for a minute. But I regained my senses after the pediatrician told me that they would need a 3rd round of antibiotics to treat their continuous double ear infection that still HAD. NOT. GONE. AWAY!!!!!!!

I was furious. Words don't justify my emotions. I wanted to strangle the doctor. But I held back and listened like a good mother would do. Apparently it sometimes takes 3 rounds of antibiotics because they don't get right to the heart of the infection. They get digested and have to go through the intestines before entering the blood stream and by that time they are diluted. He then went on to tell me that if the 3rd round didn't work (for the same reasons that the first 2 didn't) we would opt for 2 shots in the thighs for three days straight. That way the meds would go straight into the blood stream and have the best shot at attacking the infection. WHAT??? I was so confused. Why were we going through another 10 day regimen of oral meds when there was no guarantee that they would work and that we may just wind up giving out SHOTS of antibiotic to kill the ear infections. If you could tell, at this point, I was not a happy camper and just needed to get out of that office.

I was scared for my kids because untreated prolonged ear infections can cause hearing loss. I did NOT want this to happen and I needed to react fast. I needed an alternative and quickly. At that point, logic came back to me. I figured that if this stubborn infection did not respond to Amoxicillan or Augmentum then it definitely would not respond to another antibiotic that is just a "cousin" to the previous two. I mean come on!! Common sense people!! This is not rocket science. I decided to take matters into my own hands and actually got mad at myself for not doing this sooner. I BLOG about homeopathic remedies so I should have gone to this treatment as a first response but I guess since it was their 1st ear infection in their lifetime I got scared. It happens.

So I pulled a U turn in the middle of the road and headed to Nuts N Berries, my local health food store. I bought three things: Garlic Oil with Mullein, Grapefruit seed Extract and Probiotic with 5 billion CFU/gram. The garlic oil drops would go in the ears to cure the infection because garlic is one of the most potent anti microbials on the planet, the grapefruit seed extract would go in their juice to kill the yeast that was building up in their guts due to the antibiotics they had been on for 20 days straight. And the probiotic would promote the good bacteria to grow back in their guts since the antibiotic killed off everything good and bad.

I started this regimen immediately. Within 24 hours the infection was gone. AMAZING!! I kid you not. It was GONE. They woke up with clear eyes, no snot and more energy and appetite than they had in a month. Their eczema was clearing up because the yeast was being killed (eczema can be a sign of yeast trying to get out of the body). Jake's shiners are starting to lighten up and their cough is waning. Its still there but my oils will help get rid of it completely.

I am putting Imupower (Hyssop) on the outside of their ear and Thieves on the bottom of their feet. This will just give them a second immune boost to protect them from any other bacteria going around. I am also using DiGize on their bellies to kill additional yeast. They seem to be back to their little happy selves, running around on my couch and doing jumps onto the pillows.

Apparently, garlic kills the infection in 24-48 hours and also helps prevent future infections from occurring. How is it that doctors don't know this? Wouldn't they choose to use this first if it acts so quickly and effectively? Are they not in on our "little secret"? I doubt it. Big Pharma does A LOT to promote their drugs and doctors have fallen prey to their tactics.

It doesn't matter. I have found my cure. I bought an auto scope to look into their ears and besides some wax, it all looks clear and white. NO redness or anything. I plan to take them to a NEW doctor this week to confirm the eradication of the infections and talk to him about prevention. He is a homeopathic MD so he sees both sides of the coin. I am interested to hear what he has to say about garlic. To me its a miracle of nature.

If you have any questions on the types of products I used or dosing instructions, just comment or email me. There is also a way to make the oil in your home and I can give you directions on how to make that as well!! Good Luck and say goodbye to ear infections!!