Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Morning at the Farmer's Market

When I say I'm going to the Farmer's market, I dont' really mean your typical multi booth open air market with many different farmer's represented plus some local merchants thrown in. I am most likely referring to the parking lot behind the medical building where all the patrons of Carlton Farms meet. They are not your usual suspects either. No yuppies here, these people are of the homeschooling kind. They show up at 10am on Wednesdays in Dunwoody to buy fresh raw milk, raw cheese, grass fed meat, free range chickens and eggs, raw honey and whatever veggies are in season and they have been doing so for much longer than I have. I am impressed by their dedication to this way of eating and their political awareness concerning any sort of farm or food legislation. These people are tough and really know about the food they put on the table. Most of them have Chad's (the farmer) personal cell number and call him if he happens to be late one Wednesday just to make sure everything is OK. When he does show up a line usually 20 deep has already formed and you know it will take about 30 minutes before you are at the front of it. Each and every patron feels the need to have an in depth conversation with Chad about the cows, the feed, the chickens, the weather or whatever and Chad obliges them eagerly. Its unspoken protocol to wait patiently and not give dirty look looks or utter impatient sighs. These people are engaging in a relationship with the man who provides their food and its something remarkable to witness. It takes you back to a century ago before all of our food became processed and impossible to trace back to the source. It actually reminds me of Little House on the Prairie in some ways, a more honest time in history.

On this particular fall day, I waited and had a pleasant conversation with one of the patrons while we waited. Its getting cold here in Georgia, especially in the mornings and we were both positioning ourselves in the tiny slit of sun that managed to get beyond the thick and colorful trees. We talked about S510 and whether it will pass and how that could potentially change the way we get organic sustainable food in the future. Its a sad thought, but there may come a day when farmers markets like this one will cease to exist because they will be illegal. The FDA and Big Agra want it that way and their pockets are much bigger than Chads.

Its finally my turn to purchase and I ask Chad if he has any extra milk because I forgot to put in my order last night online. "Ofcourse", he replies and gladly hands me 2 gallons. I ask about his little girl who is about to turn 1 in a month. He quickly whips out an adorable picture of her sitting on his tractor. Precious. I pay, and go on my way with a warm feeling inside. I know I am doing good things for my family and helping to keep an honest, sustainable farmer in business. I wish I could do this for all all of them. Unfortunately its just not possible.

For more info about my type of Farmers Market, please go to
They also give tours of their farm which the kids absolutely love!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Asthma, Allergies or the Common Cold

My son (the oldest twin) has had a dry cough since May. We took him to our pediatrician and she said not to worry, most likely was due to post nasal drip irritating the throat and causing the cough. Hmmm. OK so one day he wakes up coughing so bad he can't stop and almost vomits. I take him back to the pediatrician (a different MD in the same practice) and she hears wheezing. We then administer a nebulizer treatment to his massive dismay and the wheezing goes away. At this point there is suspicion of asthma but then again allergies could be causing an inflammatory response in the airways which would explain the wheezing. We went home that day with a spacer and some albuterol. If you know me and read my blog, you know that I did not intend on using this or at least using it very sparingly. I am not a fan of steroids for small children but if the poor guy can't breathe, you gotta do whats best for him.

My son does have some allergies but not too many. I took him to an allergist about a year ago to get tested and he came up allergic to raw egg, dust, cat and dog dander. We try our best to keep these allergens to a minimum in our lives. I do notice that when he is exposed, he breaks out in itchy hives or eczema. But I had no idea these allergens could be causing asthma like symptoms and a cough?

As the summer went on, the cough would wane and then come back intermittently. I did not need to use the spacer at home except for one occasion. Then the seasons started changing. School started up again and germs invaded our life. I continually use Theives oil on my kids to prevent any real sicknesses and so far so good. But it seemed like your basic runny nose was turning into a cough fest for my little guy. The cough turned productive and he sounded congested. But it was relentless and he had a hard time stopping himself from coughing and I got nervous.

So back to the pediatrician we went. She still was not convinced that it was asthma due to the fact that a repeated spacer treatment did not help the cough to subside. They ruled it as a sinus infection and gave him some antibiotics to see if it cleared up any. Well yes, the cough cleared up but its still there (although maybe a couple of times a day and its very mild) but I would like to get to the bottom of this. I do not believe that ANY cough is OK to leave alone and not figure out the root cause.

So we are left with asthma, allergies or just a cold. I still think its allergies at the root but what kind? Its something he is exposed to everyday if the cough has not completely gone away. I teeter on thinking that milk could be the cause. I did some research that explained how a child that is allergic (or intolerant) of milk protein can produce mucus and this would explain the post nasal drip. Then I also read scary articles that link milk directly to asthma. I am not 100% convinced that milk is the culprit but a food challenge may be in the near future. I would like to rule it out at the least.

The whole allergy, inflammatory, autoimmune response diagnoses seem to cause much confusion. I don't think we know enough about them and the sad part is that they are on the rise. Is it dietary, environmental, genetic or a little of all three? Why are the current testing methods so shady at best?

All I know is that I have to be the doctor and detective and try to figure this out. I will keep you posted on what I find. I am not convinced my child has asthma and if its allergies then we need to do a  better job of removing them from his environment or diet.

Here is an interesting link on the milk asthma connection. It really makes you  think....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keeping Your Kids Healthy this Season

Its seems as though our kids are perpetually sick with some form of virus or infection from October through March. The runny noses, coughs and stomach bugs are enough to drive us insane. Not to mention how unhappy our little ones are. Although it seems unavoidable, this season of sickness can be shortened and even prevented to some degree.

I have found success with the following regimen and hopefully you will too!

A daily probiotic. I have blogged about the benefits of a probiotic, especially if your child is taking antibiotics. The probiotic replenishes all the good flora in the gut that is essential for immunity. We use ProBio with 7 billion CFU's. Its a powder that can easily be hidden in their juice. One to 2 tsps per day.

Daily fish oil supplement. We have been using Nordic Naturals cod liver oil for kids but recently found a new brand that is extracted from smaller fish and is purer than many of the other cod liver oils on the market with less chance of any mercury or PCB's. Although I do hold Nordic Naturals in high accord on their purity and will continue to recommend them as one of the best brands. Our new brand is called NutraSea (kids) by Ascenta. It contains EPA, DHA, GLA and vitamin D3. All these things are helpful for immunity as well as brain development! The vitamin D3 is especially helpful in preventing the flu. Kids can take up to 3000IUs per day, but I like to stick around 1000IUs. My boys like the fruit flavor of the oil and take it without complaint.
One tsp per day.

Thieves essential oil. This oil can be purchased at or you can contact me. Its a great oil because of all the antibacterial properties it has. Its ingredients are clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. The oil itself smells like cinnamin so its very pleseant to put on. Thieves is like a mini defense system for the body, protecting it from harmful antigens that may try to infect your young ones. I rub 3-4 drops on the bottom of their feet every morning before school.

Washing hands. No brainer!

Garlic. If they do happen to start feeling under the weather, dice up a garlic clove and let it oxidize in some pure olive oil. Then rub the oily garlic on the bottom of their feet and put socks on. Yes it will smell like an italian restaurant in their room but the anti viral and anti bacterial properties of  garlic are unsurpassed. More than likely, if you caught the cold early enough, the garlic will do the rest.

Peppermint essential oil for fevers. If there is a fever involved, peppermint on the bottom of their feet can help to reduce it without having to overdose them on tylenol or motrin. This can also be diffused in a diffuser or  humidifier. The peppermint also helps to reduce any swelling in the trachea which helps any breathing issues or a cough.

I also blogged a while back about other oils that I use for ailments such as the Croup.

A healthy diet goes without saying to maintain good immunity but our kids sometimes make this hard to achieve. If you have kids like mine, getting them to eat vegetables is a chore. I have been sneaking them into other foods they normally eat. Hiding them in muffins and juices, pancakes and burgers is my main strategy. So far its been working well. Thankfully one of my twin's enjoys his veggies and will eat carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and sweet potatoes as well as many different types of fruits and fresh fruit smoothies.

My kids also drink raw milk which contains essential enzymes and probiotics that replenish good flora in the gut. I mentioned before how the flora in the gut is the power center of our immune system. Pasturized milk is heated and therefore these enzymes and good bacteria are killed off in the process. If you need information or resources on where to get a safe supplier of raw milk, please contact me or visit or .

In a future post, I will go over various types of foods that help increase immunity and hopefully will mitigate any sickness that may try to invade your life.

I hope these ideas are helpful and keep you and your family free from sickness this winter. Or at least less than last year!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recipe: A Fall Favorite

Has everyone gotten their fill of pumpkin and apple picking this season? If not, there is still time to go and get some good organic vegetables and fruit to make one of my personal favorite soups. Butternut Squash! I make this soup every year for Thanksgiving as a starter and its always a hit. Its also very easy to make and healthy as well. So if you haven't yet, get to your local pumpkin farm and ask for some butternut squash. Its usually planted with the pumpkins and gourds so I'm sure they'll have it. Getting it fresh from the farm or your garden will ensure that the least amount of pesticides have been used. Pick up a Granny Smith apple while your at it!

Health BenefitsLow in fat, butternut squash delivers an ample dose of dietary fiber, making it an exceptionally heart-friendly choice. It provides significant amounts of potassium, important for bone health, and vitamin B6, essential for the proper functioning of both the nervous and immune systems. The folate content adds yet another boost to its heart-healthy reputation and helps guard against brain and spinal-cord-related birth defects such as spina bifida.
Squash's tangerine hue, however, indicates butternut's most noteworthy health perk. The color signals an abundance of powerhouse nutrients known as carotenoids, shown to protect against heart disease. In particular, the gourd boasts very high levels of beta-carotene (which your body automatically converts to vitamin A), identified as a deterrent against breast cancer and age-related macular degeneration, as well as a supporter of healthy lung development in fetuses and newborns. What's more, with only a 1-cup serving, you get nearly half the recommended daily dose of antioxidant-rich vitamin C. 

As if this weren't enough, butternut squash may have anti-inflammatory effects because of its high antioxidant content. Incorporating more of this hearty winter staple into your diet could help reduce risk of inflammation-related disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.
Read more at Power Foods: Butternut Squash

What better way to warm your body and eat something absolutely delicious then to make this great fall soup. Here is my personal recipe, passed down from a dear friend, with all organic ingredients wherever possible.

3tbls of unsalted, organic raw butter (use pasteurized if you prefer)
1/2 C finely diced and peeled granny smith apple
1/3 C minced shallot
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
Sea salt and pepper to taste
3 tsp. white cooking wine
32 oz of butternut squash puree (from your organic butternut squash - about 2 med squashes)
2-2 1/2 C warmed organic chicken stock (homemade is best but who's checking?)
1/3 tsp finely chopped sage

To cook the squash:
Pre heat oven to 350. Slice squash in half the long way and scoop out the seeds and fibrous tissue. Place on baking sheet skin down. Bake for 45 minutes or until soft on the inside. It could take longer depending on your oven. Let cool. Scoop out insides of squash and puree sections at a time in your food processor until you have 32 oz of puree.

To make the soup:
In a large saucepan - med heat - melt butter. Add apple and shallot - saute until softened (5-7 minutes). Add ginger, cinnamon, salt and pepper and saute until fragrant (1 more minute). Add squash and 2 cups of stock, wine and sage. Simmer and reduce heat to medium low. Cook 20 minutes. Take soup in batches and puree in your food processor once again, then strain the puree through a mesh sieve over a clean sauce pan to get a nice a smooth texture. Like silk. Add more warm chicken stock if soup is still too thick. Serve immediately with a dollop of sour cream. Soup stores well for 3 days.

Good luck with this and feel free to let me know how it came out!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Government's At It Again

I mentioned in a prior post last year about the dangers of the Food Safety Bill that was pushed through the House. Well, the bill is still in circulation (under a different name now) and is scheduled to be voted on this year in the Senate. The bill is S510 and everyone should get familiar with it.  The initial premise behind the bill was to protect Americans from food borne illnesses and contamination of our food supply. This seems rational to me since we have been dealing with A LOT of salmonella, E.coli and listeria outbreaks lately. However, all these outbreaks have taken place on large scale industrial farms or food processing plants. The problem with the bill is that the regulations to enforce food safety protocols are not directed specifically at the culprits (Big Agra). The bill will allow the FDA to enforce it's rules and regulations to all farms even small, diversified, organic ones that have stellar food safety practices and records. This can cause major changes in the way we obtain fresh food because adherence to these rules can and WILL put the smaller farms out of business.

Right now we have the liberty as Americans to go to our local farmers market and pick up fresh produce grown locally, free range eggs and raw dairy if we so please. We can even purchase livestock and grass fed meat from trusted farms that feed and treat their animals humanely and the way nature intended. The new bill plans to make it very difficult for these farms to obtain licenses to sell any of their food commercially and will also require them to put into place the same exact safety provisions that will be required on the big industrial monoculture farms. The difference is that the big monoculture farms can afford to do it, the small farmer can't.

Overtime, demand for organic and sustainable food will grow while supply will diminish, thus pushing the price of organic food sky high. It will be cheaper to buy imported organic food than domestic. Does this even make sense? Well the bill does not require international farms to adhere to the same regulations and therefore, the imported food will be cheaper. Big major changes in the way we get our organic food are coming if this bill is passed the way it is.

Its not to say that the small farmer should have no safety protocols, but the issue isn't with the small farmer. I could understand if we were seeing outbreaks of disease on the local organic farms but we AREN'T. Then why are we punishing people who are not at fault? It will only be a huge disservice to Americans who care about their diets and look to healthy sustainable sources to get their food.

The bill is 250 pages with many many provisions. One of them gives complete control over seeds to companies like Monsanto. As you all should know, Monsanto creates GMO's.  These are genetically modified seeds that produce larger yields and bigger crops. the effects on human health have not been determined yet but we do know that GMO's are not a part of nature and therefore should probably  not be consumed. What would our country be like if all our crops were planted with GMO seeds? We would have no choice. We would have to succumb to this outlandish and unconstitutional law that prohibits us from obtaining food that is locally and sustainably grown with natural seeds borne from the earth.

Do I believe that Big Agra is behind this bill? Well, maybe partially. I think (as I mentioned before) that the initial intention of the bill was for food safety. But it has changed so much since then and has gotten more complex and more prohibitive and less flexible thus becoming very dangerous to Americans. Its bad enough that the Food Industry lobby has so much power in Washington. This bill would  be the last nail in the coffin for the small farmer.

There is an amendment out there called the Tester-Hagan amendment (named for 2 senators in MT and NC). This amendment serves to protect the small farmer and preclude him from having to comply with these stringent federal regulations that will ultimately destroy him. Currently the amendment is not a part of the bill, but it still has a chance to get included.

Please read more about S510 and contact your local senator to find out if they are for or against the bill. Then tell them that they need to vote AGAINST it or support the Tester-Hagan Amendment at the very least. Its amazing the legislation that can get passed without us even being aware of it. If you just read this post, then consider yourself aware and now responsible for your future. Get the word out about this dangerous bill.

Read more here:
Previous Blog Post about Food Safety Bill

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Quieter Kind of Green

Frito Lay, the maker of Sun chips, those delicious salty yet sweet whole grain squares of goodness have taken a big step in terms of sustainability. They have created the first biodegradable package for "junk food". I commend them highly for doing so. First of all its marketing genius. Most people see Sun Chips as a healthy alternative to your regular greasy potato chip and their target market is most likely more environmentally conscious (if not for the planet, then at least for their diet). As far as how healthy Sun Chips are, I am not going to comment. I have not actually read their list of ingredients and I do not know much about their manufacturing processes either. All I can say is that they use whole grains even though they may be enriched. I guess its better than bleached. And I'll admit they are delicious and addicting. A guilty pleasure, yes but I digress.

About 18 months ago, some brilliant mind at Frito Lay decided that they will start using a biodegradable package. When I first saw the commercials for this new package, I was so excited. Finally! The giant manufacturers of the world are seeing the light! They realize that we can't go on adding more and more plastic to our landfills and garbage dumps. The process of breaking these plastics down  releases tons of toxins into our air and water supply and slowly contaminates our environment. Most frightening though is that one day we will run out of places to put the stuff. Period.

Then the new package was launched..........((crickets chirping)).............actually no! How about a subway or a motorcycle flying by!! Apparently, the bag is louder than these 2 aforementioned vehicles. Seriously, the bag is so loud people can't hear themselves talk or even crunch on their beloved chips. A Facebook campaign was started that obviously rubbed the marketing execs at Frito Lay the wrong way.  People were complaining about the noise volume of the bag and many others were joining the crusade. I'm not really sure if actual marketing research was being conducted to determine whether the noise level of the bag was a barrier to purchase the snack or whether it was a panic move by the company to save the brand's image and go back to the regular, here for eternity, bag. Either way, the decision has been  made. The shelves are being restocked and we can all go back to eating our sunny goodness in peace. Whew!

But what about our planet?  This was bigger than a bag, this was a movement. Frito Lay was a visionary, a role model for future manufacturers. They were supposed to lead the way into environmentally sustainable packaging. Where do we go now? I do believe that Frito Lay's intentions are pure. I do believe that they will go back to the drawing board and create a new and better, albeit more quiet, biodegradable bag in the future. How long that will take no one knows. But the real take away from this story is the power of the consumer. We take our power for granted. And now with the rise of social media we have a direct line to the manufacturer, a virtual speed dial. These big companies are listening to people and and if we build critical mass over some really important issues we CAN make positive changes.

If its that easy to make a company change its packaging, how easy will it be to make a company to remove a toxic ingredient or clean up its manufacturing and disposal operations or act more humanely to its workers and employees. We all need to wake up and start acting like responsible stewards of the planet. We were given this gift of planet earth and we must protect her. If we all just keep our mouths shut and go with the flow, companies will continue to cut corners and focus on nothing but profits. However, if we let them know what really matters to us, change can occur.

This to me is just a great example of the power of consumers. Unfortunately the power was not used for the greater good. Instead it was used to make things more convenient and less noisy for people. But maybe that will make the company try harder the next time. We must not give up hope.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harsh words for processed meats

The world cancer research fund just completed a study that provides evidence that the consumption of processed meats can and will cause cancer. The usual culprits are foods such as bacon, hot dogs, beef jerky, sausage, meats in frozen prepared meals and in canned soups and ofcourse all deli meats. The issue is sodium nitrite. It's a coloring that gives the meats their reddish "fresh" color. Otherwise you'd be eating grey hot dogs and who wants to eat grey hot dogs?

The world cancer research fund has a scathing review for these foods saying they increase the risk of pancreatic and colorectal cancers. They go on to say that humans should stop eating these meats immediately and for the rest of our lives. We all know that processed meats weren't healthy but now they are considered not for human consumption.

This is scary to hear but may have some merit. Sodium nitrite is a carcinogen and like monosodium glutamate is still allowed by the USDA and FDA. Why is this happening? Well, we all know that the companies producing this garbage have deep pockets thanks to the Americans that are addicted to processed foods. Their lobby is strong in Washington and they can essentially control what they put in their products, even if it causes cancer.

This study is huge and it's message is bold. It's going to scare a lot of people and company executives alike. I am curious to see if sodium nitrite will go away or will there be a marketing campaign similar to the one from HFCS that tries to dupe the public with self funded research studies claiming the substance is safe.

We need to be our own health advocates. Buyer beware. Check your ingredients and put it back on the shelf if it contains sodium nitrite. My kids love hot dogs, so I buy Applegate Farms hotdogs with only organic ingredients. I feel better knowing that the only nitrates in these hotdogs are naturally occurring from sea salt.

My bacon comes from the farm but there are plenty of organic brands out there to choose from if you must eat bacon or sausage. I would stop consuming all deli meats and frozen meals with red meat in it until the sodium nitrite is removed from the ingredients.

Don't be scared, be informed and gain power over your diet and your life. Check out the article here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just Another Reason To Buy Local

Have you heard about the massive egg recall going on now? The government has recalled about 228 million eggs and the number will likely go higher. This is a national number because these egg producers are not local farms. They are the modern day industrial chicken farms (aka factories). The problem with the eggs is a bacteria called salmonella that can be found on the shells of the eggs. This bacteria runs rampant in cramped chicken houses with unsanitary conditions. Chickens are not clean animals to begin with and then you put 500 of them into a 200 sqft coop and you get a royal mess. These factories are not doing the proper job of screening for this bacteria and thus it gets on to the eggs and shipped to your local food store.

The fact that 228 million eggs are a part of this recall goes to show how widespread the problem is. This is not just one single factory's problem. This is a problem with the entire system. Salmonella is a serious bacteria that can cause severe sickness and even death if not treated properly. Why isn't the government cracking down on the way chickens are bred, housed and maintained? I am not really sure. But I do know that the government is cracking down on the wrong people. The small farmers who let their chickens run free and actually care about their sanitary conditions. Does this sound counter intuitive? Well it is, check out my older post about the new House Bill that has been passed,

Well fortunately for my family, I held out for farmers market day and bought my eggs from, a local farm in Rockmart, GA where the milk has a 6 inch layer of  cream on top and the egg yolks are orange. Yes, orange! That is the color they should be in case you weren't aware. The orange color indicates that the chickens have been fed a diet rich in beta carotene. When chickens are fed nothing but grains (aka corn), their yolks tend to be the pale yellow color that we see in big chain grocery stores. They are not really adding any nutritional value to our diets at all.

Here is a little tid bit about Salmonella and food borne illnesses in this country, just so you are aware:

"Salmonella poisoning symptoms
Within 6-to-72 hours of eating an egg, you may experience lower abdominal cramps, diarrhea (sometimes bloody), vomiting, fever, chills, malaise, nausea or headache. Symptoms may persist for as long as a week. 

While most people recover without treatment, some patients require hospitalization. Among the 21,244 cases of foodborne illness reported from tainted food-related outbreaks in the United States in 2007 (the last year for which data is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), salmonella was the No. 2 cause of illness, causing 27% of foodborne illness outbreaks, including 55% of multi-state outbreaks, and 81 illnesses attributed to salmonella in eggs; five deaths resulted from salmonella-contaminated food. The two biggest foodborne illness outbreaks that year were caused by salmonella, in hummus and frozen pot pies." -Dan Shapley, Daily Green

These are the egg brands affected by the recall so check your fridge for them:
Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Boomsma’s, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms, and Kemps. If you have them, throw them away.

If you are interested in finding a local farm to purchase eggs and other provisions, please feel free to contact me, I can help point you in the right direction, no matter what state you live in. We need to support our local farmers because it seems like they are the only ones practicing food safety these days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kind of Off Topic

Lately I have been struggling to keep my "green" theme going because frankly, there are so many other topics I would like to cover as well. Maybe I should start another blog or three but then I would have absolutely zero time to raise my beautiful twin boys (who are taking up all of my time anyway). So I think to myself, would my readers be upset if I inserted a couple of "off topic posts"? Would I be defeating the purpose of my original mission? Well...I don't care. I am breaking the rules. Screw it.

Lately, or rather in the past couple of years, I have noticed that many people are putting bumper stickers on the back of their SUV's and minivans. These are not your old fashioned political, racial, or my kid is an honor student bumper stickers. These are stickers denoting places that they've been to or wish they've been to (acronyms with 2 or 3 big letters), monograms and my personal favorite, stick figures of their entire family and their current professions. Now seriously people, what are you trying to prove with these lovely bumper stickers? Is it possible that you want everyone in the world to know where you vacation, your initials and how many members are in your family including pets like dogs and birds? TMI to the tenth degree.

We are  living in a world where information is so readily available that we forget about protecting ourselves and our families. We believe that every one's intentions are good because ours are - right? WRONG. I don't need to know these things nor do I want to stare at it as I sit in traffic on the downtown connector.

Its so easy to look someone up online and find out their basic and even detailed personal information.  It all depends on how much money you want to spend. A recent site like this scared me and I took the time to remove my listing from the site. Its Check yourself on that site and see what you find out. Some of it is wrong but some of it is frighteningly accurate. We as individuals are losing our mystery. Its all out there for the taking and we are relishing in marketing it, on our cars, on Facebook and other social media sites. How many times will I have to read another status update about someone leaving for vacation and telling the world that they will be gone for 10 days? Great! Now all I need is your address and I am golden!

Come on! Lets not put ourselves in danger. Lets start using our brains. Take the stick figures and the monograms off the car. Especially the young college girls who are vulnerable to stalkers as it is. No need to advertise which car is yours, honey.  Keep a low profile and you'll be safer.

Plus, I find myself annoyed when I see a sticker with three letters than I can't for the life of me figure out where its from. Help me save my brain from being overworked, people. OK? thanks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pesticide Free Fruits and Veggies?

We all know that conventionally grown fruits and veggies contain pesticides. These pesticides can be harmful and toxic to our bodies if consumed in large amounts overtime. They tend to accumulate in our bodies and can cause neurological damage. Some studies show a link to childhood ADHD and pesticides and who knows what other problems they can cause of ingested over time? Why take that chance?

I know it can take extra time and be kind of annoying to wash all your fruits and veggies every time you want to eat them but why not try this instead. Each time you bring home your fruits and veggies, wash them ALL immediately and then put them away so you don't have to do it every time individually. Maybe I am the only crazy one who was washing them individually and then this comment would be more like common sense to you but in case you were driving yourself nuts like I was, do this, it saves time in the long run.

So which produce item are the big culprits?
* Peaches
* Apples
* Bell peppers
* Celery
* Cherries
* Nectarines
* Strawberries
* Kale
* Lettuce
* Imported grapes
* Carrots
* Pears

These fruits and veggies have lots of nooks and crannies for the pesticides to get caught in, or they are just highly prone to infestation and therefore need a lot of pesticides. Strawberries are especially difficult to clean and my son loves them. So I really want to make sure they are pesticide free.

Is water really enough? Well, the water should be warm and you should really make sure the skin of the produce is scrubbed well. For the softer fruits and veggies, your hand scrubbing will do but for some of the more fibrous stuff a veggie brush is more effective. Once washed, you should dry it off really well too. Make sure any water droplets containing pesticide are completely removed. But water may not be enough and therefore adding some distilled white vinegar to water and making a solution may be the best answer. I bought something called "Fit" at my farmers market and it contains alcohol and grapefruit oil. I spray this on the fruit or veggie and then rinse with warm water and dry. Its seems like a time intensive process but what are the alternatives? I personally wouldn't take a chance with the health of my children.

We don't know the long term effects of a lot of these chemicals but we can see the effects they are having on wildlife that surrounds the farms they are used on. The runoff from the farms takes the pesticides into rivers and streams and pollutes the fish and wildlife. We are seeing neutered frogs and androgynous fish and a huge dead zones in some areas. Its truly sad but the price we pay in order to feed such a large population.

If you have the money and the resources, you can search out local organic farms and not have to worry about the pesticide problem so much. But even some organic produce contains pesticides. So I would wash EVERYTHING.

Here is another recipe that is safe and inexpensive, and made from ingredients you already have in your kitchen. It is a diluted form of hydrochloric acid to wash off pesticides:
1. Fill your kitchen sink with cold water.
2. Add four tablespoons of salt and the juice of half a fresh lemon.
3. Soak fruits and vegetables five to ten minutes (leafy greens two to three minutes and berries one to two minutes)
4. Rinse well after soaking and use.

What about soap and water? Cornell University studied that one for us. They did agree that “a detergent solution may remove more bacteria (and perhaps some pesticide residues, as well), they also caution that soap is not intended for this use. Once it gets onto some kinds of foods, it is more difficult to remove than it is from dishes and it can make people sick.” And don’t use bleach either, for the same reasons.

SO I know that a lot of this information may be redundant for some of you but reinforcement is always good. Over time we get complacent and these chemicals are not going away. As more and more farms are able to use the word "organic" the shadier our produce is getting. The lines are becoming blurred and we need to protect ourselves.

For any specific questions about fruits and vegetable washes, simply email me for more info.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Going Green in Style

When we think of how our choices and actions impact our planet and our bodies, we tend to think of our diets, the products and chemicals we use and of course, all that packaging!! So we try to get back to basics, get our food locally, organically grown. We use traditional plant based personal care products that biodegrade and don't build up toxins in our organs. Trade in our plastics for glass or paper and use pharmaceuticals sparingly, if at all.

These new behaviors are great for us and our environment but we are forgetting a major category of personal consumption. The clothes we wear! Have you ever thought about where your clothing comes from? I mean, where the fabric is grown, how it's manufactured, the people involved in the process and then how it gets to the store you purchase it from? All of these factors can contribute to the polluting of our environment and ourselves.

I recently stumbled upon an Eco-friendly clothing company sourced out of the Isle of Wight in the UK that is doing something incredible. They are making stylish, active clothing with very little carbon footprint. It sounds amazing and then when you really sit down to understand how they do it, you realize how much care has been put into their product in order to preserve our environment. The company is called Rapanui Clothing and the founders are visionaries. They realize that their "green model of production" is sustainable and can be replicated.

Here is why you can feel good about wearing anything that Rapanui makes:
They use only organic cotton that is farmed by hand
The cotton is transported to the factory via camels
They manufacture in a factory powered by wind
Every worker involved in farming or manufacturing their clothing is paid a fair wage
Finished materials are sent via truck back to London (using less fuel than air freight)
They experiment with earth friendly and sustainable materials such as hemp and bamboo

Even better is their Traceability Tool. This enables you too see exactly which stage of production your garment is in "from seed to shelf". Rapanui is putting the accountability back on the producer so that we the consumer can feel responsible for the effects we have on the environment. Its a true win/win situation! (to shamelessly use a old worn-out corporate phrase)

Their style is active wear and focuses on t-shirts, pullovers, sweaters, scarves and socks. They offer a wide variety of styles for men and women. I can see myself working out in their shirts and feeling good about it!

More companies should start thinking like Rapanui clothing. It's time to turn our singular focus of profit making to a more holistic view that includes how well we are able to replace what is taken from the earth.

I highly suggest that you check out this progressive clothing company, read about their mission and how they accomplish it and then go buy something. Before you know it, you will have a higher standard for what you put on your body!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are Winning the Battle Against HFCS!!

New data just released today shows that production of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) has decreased 11% since 2003. That is pretty significant when you think about the quantity that was being refined and processed by big companies such as Cargill. The impetus for this change seems to have come from the link between HFCS and obesity in our children. Although many scientists (paid by the big companies that produce the stuff) say there is no difference in the way the human body metabolizes HFCS or regular refined sugar. Heath advocates and proponents of the organic food movement disagree. In fact, in poor socioeconomic communities where the consumption of HFCS is a regular occurrence, diseases such as diabetes and childhood obesity run rampant. As time goes on these diseases are striking children at younger ages and their life expectancy is greatly impacted.

This news is a small triumph in a much larger war against processed food. But I will take what I can get. We now can see some mainstream brands in our mainstream stores HFCS free. Brands such as Hunt's and Snapple. Even Starbucks has vowed to eliminated all HFCS from its food and only uses natural ingredients. This makes me feel good but I do still have to go out of my way to get to the farmers market or make a trip to Trader Joes or Whole Foods for some of the ingredients I may need for a meal. It will be a perfect day when we can go to one or two places and feel good about all the products we purchased there. Feel good about the price the quality and the impact it has on our health.

I would like to see more brands joining the campaign to end the use of HFCS. It was only a short while ago that such a substance was considered un heard of. HFCS was only created in the 1950's and only became ubiquitous around the 70's and 80's when sugar tariffs for imported sugar were so high. Our parent's and grand parent's ate sugar. Maybe it was refined but at least it was real. We, on the other hand have been brought up on this corn based derivative and who knows what it has been doing to our bodies. The biggest culprits are the soft drink manufacturers (Coke and Pepsi). Cargill isn't worried about the loss of demand for HFCS because its happening in only a few segments of the food industry right now and its mostly regional. The biggest purchasers of the "stuff" are Coke and Pepsi and they are not planning to stop using it. In addition, places like Mexico are starting to use it more frequently. So any lost demand here in the states will be made up for in other countries. I am sure Cargill will push it to anyone or any country that is willing to purchase it.

So between the HFCS and the aspartame, sucralose or saccharine that is used in soda and diet soda, anyone who drinks it is at risk for health problems. Take your pick: obesity, diabetes or cancer?

On the other side of the battle are the sugar producers. They look at this as an opportunity but don't be fooled. Refined sugar is not healthy either. There are other options such as sugar in the raw, agave nectar and stevia. These are more natural and un refined. They are just as sweet , if not sweeter than refined sugar and do not increase blood sugar as rapidly or as short lived as your regular refined sugar or HFCS does.

I feel the momentum starting to build. Our food quality has been in the forefront of our culture and has been on our collective minds. Movies are being made (i.e. King Corn, Food Inc. ) books are being written (i.e. Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food) and we are seeing more organic/natural options offered at our regular food stores. In fact, the place where I take my boys on rainy days to jump and play serves only organic snacks and drinks. It makes me feel good to know that I don't have to bring my own. More venues for children should opt for healthy food choices. Lead by example and the mom's will follow.

Lets keep our eyes open and continue to fight the war on HFCS. Without the consumer demand there will be no need for supply. The market will work itself out eventually and we can help to stem the increase in diseases that are entirely preventable.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Just Discovered Diatomaceous Earth

It was during my regular wednesday trip to the farmers market to pick up my raw milk and free range eggs that I discovered something called Diatomaceous Earth. Its a white powdery substance that is apparently hard to come by but has amazing health benefits. I called my Dad to tell him what the farmer told me after he sold me 3 lbs of the stuff for $12. My Dad mentioned that he uses the same substance to clean the filters in his swimming pool. I found this very curious and did some research. Obviously the Diatomaceous Earth that I purchased is food grade and meant to be consumed. It actually does the same thing in the human body that its intended to do for a swimming pool filter.....clean it out!

If you look at the powdery white stuff through a microscope, it looks like rice chex cereal wrapped up in a cylinder. As it passes through your digestive tract, its extremely hard edges scrape the walls of your intestinal lining, getting up all the mucous, bad bacteria and heavy metals that have accumulated over time due to bad eating habits as well as just living normal lives. All of these toxins are removed when you pass them out the other end. I know, it sounds gross but its actually a wonderful thing. Its essentially a cleanse and many people take Diatomaceous Earth in combination with other cleanses.

The health benefits are many: lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, more energy, clearer skin, to name just a few. When I learned about this, I felt like the best candidate for it. I absolutely need more energy. I am constantly complaining about how tired I am running after twin boys. Its a lot of work but I should have more energy. I'm really not THAT old! My skin could use some cleansing and clearing so I hope I get to see those kinds of results. I bought a 3 lb barrel of the stuff today and already took my daily regimen of 1 tbls with some orange juice. You can't even taste the Diatomaceous Earth at all. It makes the juice a little chalky but that is because I didn't pour a big enough glass. It went down just fine and I hope to see results in a week or two.

Here is a link to some scientific info about Diatomaceous Earth and all the health benefits it provides:

I will keep you all posted on my results and where you can purchase some for yourself!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Thoughts on the Gulf Oil Spill

The situation is pretty desperate right now in the Gulf. I have seen some captivating pictures that try to illustrate the devastating impact that the oil is having on marine and wildlife in the area. What hurts me the most is the oil that has infiltrated the Mississippi River Delta at the southernmost tip of Louisiana. This is essentially a patchwork of marshland and inlets. There is no clear line between the land and the sea. The oil is now weaving it way into the intricate pattern of waterways and will be next to impossible to clean up. I can't even imagine it. Birds lay dying and who knows what the impact will be on marine life underneath the layer of oil.

I have been reading posts on social networking sites that call for an all out boycott of BP. I think we all feel helpless right now and want the responsible parties to pay for this and suffer the consequences of destroying our delicate environment. But is a BP boycott going to actually have an impact on the big oil company - ironically the oil company that took on a marketing position of being CLEAN and GREEN!!! Well, from what I have read and researched, a boycott will likely only hurt the mom and pop owners of the gas stations that buy the oil from BP. In fact, in the state of GA there aren't any gas stations owned by BP at all. They are all owned independently by entrepreneurs. What needs to be done is to convince the owners of the gas stations to buy their gas from different suppliers. Essentially, they need to change their stations from BP to something else - preferably not Exxon - right? Another reason why boycotting is not the answer: if BP loses money they will be more hesitant to pay for cleanup (remember, legally they are only responsible for $75 million and they have already dished out over $700 million). If they refuse to pay for reasons of "lower profits" in future months then who will foot the bill? You guessed it, the taxpayers. There has got to be a better way.

Well, today is the big day as BP tried for the 6th or 7th time to try and stop the leak. They plan on shooting mud and cement into the pipe to try and reverse the pressure and thus stop the oil from pouring out. I hope and pray that this works but what about the millions of gallons that are out in the sea already? Where do we go from here?

It hard to tell if the oil will reach the white sandy tourist beaches of the Florida Panhandle but a comment from a friend of mine who recently visited one of those communities struck me. She said that normally you would see tons of boats out on the water on any given day but for the entire time she was out there with her family, there was not ONE boat to be found. It was an eerie sight to see. The fishing industry has been impacted already and will continue to be for decades some experts estimate.

So what can we really do to help in the clean up?
(taken from the mindful consumer blog)

With a national tragedy like the BP oil spill we ask ourselves what we can do to help. Here are some organizations in need our time, money and supplies as they prepare to start repairing our injured gulf.

1. Matter of Trust
As a former dog groomer who saw bags of dog hair being thrown away everyday wondering if there was ANYTHING that could be done to use it, here it is. The folks at Matter of Trust take trimmed hair from salons, pet grooming shops, even individuals, stuff it in to used nylons and use it to soak up oil. Go to your local hair salon, grooming shop, farm, or anywhere you can think of and ask if they would donate to the program. They are also looking for used nylons, even with snags, so get in to your drawers and send them off. This is a perfect way to use discarded items to make a difference.

2. Suncoast Sea Bird Sanctuary

According to their website they are the largest non-profit wild bird hospital in the United States and admits up to 8,000 birds annually. As they prepare for the effects on the Florida coastline they are in need of linens, kennels, towels, sheets, dawn detergent, paper towels, bottled water and gatorade.You can also donate money directly to the website.

3. Audubon. Large societies like the Audubon are great resources to collect a high number of volunteers and funds in order to help the entire coastline. Their website notes that they are “currently marshalling volunteer resources, leading restoration for Louisiana coastal resources for the long term, and working for safer energy solutions”.

4.Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana Here is a website that gives information for those who are pre-veterinary students, vet technicians, and anyone with hazardous material training that would be able to volunteer. The people who show up on scene need resources for lodging, food, and supplies so if you cannot donate your time you can donate money online.

Please do not attempt to clean up oil or handle wild animals without training and proper equipment. If you see an oiled animal call 1-866-557-1401. There are many different resources for you to help so do not risk doing it without support of one of these, or any other organizations.

More to come.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Gulf Oil Spill

Right now we can not possibly imagine the long lasting effects of this devastating oil spill. I don't think anyone knows the extent to which our environment, wildlife species and regional economies will be effected by this but we can imagine. Take this for example, the oil slick is bigger than the size of Puerto Rico. Its headed towards the shore and should reach there within days.

It makes my stomach churn to know that this was a man made disaster. I realize it was an accident (although I never really do rule out conspiracy theories). Isn't it coincidental that this explosion happened within days of Obama's announcement that he would pursue more offshore drilling? Either way, whats done is done and now we must suffer the consequences. The carelessness with our planet is perpetual. Will we ever truly learn from our mistakes? When will we put our environment before our need for human necessity? Without a sustainable environment, there will be no use for oil because the human race will cease to exist. Does anyone get it? Right now its all short sightedness, quick profits, cheaper short term prices, etc. At what cost?

Well now there is no turning back. BP is asking the fisherman (who will all now be out of work) to help with cleanup efforts. The cleanup will be a very long term project probably costing in the billions. How much will BP have to pay? They have a liability cap of $75 million right now, will new legislation change that amount? Will BP do the right thing and pay for the entire cleanup regardless of how much it costs? Can the region actually be cleaned up properly? Or will the beaches and wildlife suffer indeterminably? These are all questions that will eventually be answered. In the meantime, here is a great blog that will keep you up to date on the latest developments.

And now a poignant quote taken from Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic Blog:

These wounds, these temperatures, these destructive weather patterns are symptoms of a planet in distress. At some point, those of us who see our relationship to the natural world as something more than mere economics—as something sacred—need to face up to the fact that our civilization is not taking this sacredness seriously enough. When do we ask ourselves: by what right do humans believe we can despoil the earth for every other species with impunity? By what self-love have we granted ourselves not just dominion over the earth but wanton exploitation of its every treasure?

Is there no point at which we can say: this is enough?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Controlling Yeast

I know this sounds nasty but its not what you think. Lets first take a look at what yeast is. Yeast is classified in the fungi kingdom and is essential in the fermentation process for products we know such as alcohol and bread. Sometimes though, it can be a pest. This happens when it grows uncontrollably in our bodies. Antibiotics create a fertile environment for yeast to multiply. When all the good (and bad) flora are destroyed in the gut after an antibiotic treatment yeast will form and cause all sorts of trouble for the body in the form of skin conditions to behavior changes.

In my kids, I have seen eczema flourish right after a dose of antibiotics and have come to learn that its all due to yeast. Yeast feeds off of sugar so the consumption of carbohydrates and refined sugar will add to the cycle of yeast and the problem will persist and/or get worse. In adults a yeast infection with itchiness and swelling may occur. Digestive problems can emerge as well. Bloating is the most common symptom because the yeast makes it harder for your digestive system to break down foods.

Its important to nip this problem in the bud as soon as you can. There is nothing worse then an untreated yeast problem.

The following remedies (preventative steps) are what we use:

1) Probiotics (5million CFU or more) on a daily basis to replenish good bacteria

2) Grapefruit seed extract - kills yeast in the gut and also curbs appetite (nice side benefit)

3) DiGize essential oil placed on stomach (3 drops) will also kill yeast

These precautions have helped out tremendously in our household since the use of antibiotics has become a little more prevalent since my boys have begun preschool. In some of my previous posts I gloated how my kids had never taken an antibiotic in their lives and for the most part we have kept it to a minimum thanks to our use of essential oils. But there is little one can do to prevent kids germs and infections once they are placed in a preschool atmosphere. Therefore we needed to protect their fragile guts from the harsh effects of antibiotics, which were inevitable.

Yeast is a terrible side effect but no one has to suffer from it if they know about these remedies. Please email me for more info or to learn more about essential oils and their healing benefits!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

So What Is the Deal With Cell Phones?

Its been a while since my last post. Life seems to be on fast forward and I haven't had the time to put my thoughts down but a new study by the World Health Organization that was just conducted recently caught my eye. We have been hearing for a while now that cell phones can be dangerous. This information surfaces, scares us, get buried and then resurfaces again. The problem is that there isn't enough data or time to allow these studies to draw firm conclusions. For me, a 35 year old woman, I have only been using a cell phone since about 2000. So, for 10 years I have been exposing my brain to electromagnetic waves. This may not be enough time for any damage to have occurred. Hopefully in my case this is true. But now scientists are beginning to see a link between extended use of cell phones and cancerous tumors in the brain. Again, no solid link has been made but the information continues to swirl. Its makes me wonder if technology is really a good thing for us at all?

What I do know is that cell phones emit microwaves (electromagnetic energy) and the waves can travel into your brain since the phone usually sits right up against your head. Microwaves heat up matter and essentially they are heating up the cells of your brain. Cell phone companies will assert that the amount of energy emitted is completely safe. But do we really know that over prolonged periods of time we are not doing any irreparable damage?

The cell phone industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and they are not going to let you believe that you are harming yourself by using one of their devices. I am sure though, that if it comes to light that there is a direct link between cell phones and cancer, they will make the necessary changes to their technology to protect us, but not a minute before. So what can you do to protect yourself now?

1) Use your phone in a car that has built in bluetooth so you never have to hold the phone directly against your head. Mobile bluetooth ear pieces still emit electromagnetic waves.

2) Use ear buds and hold the phone away from your head when speaking into it.

3) Use a land line

Here is an extensive list of phones that emit the least amount of waves to the most amount of waves in descending order. So the phones at the top are the safest and the phones at the bottom are the most dangerous.

Model Name - SAR Value : (SAR is the level of electromagnetic waves emitted)
1 Sanyo MM-9000 0.12
2 Audiovox/UTStarcom PPC6601 0.12
3 LG KG800 Chocolate 0.14
4 Motorola Razr V3x 0.14
5 Samsung Eternity SGH-A867 0.194
6 Samsung Eternity SGH-A867 0.194
7 Motorola MPx200 0.2
8 Nokia 9300 0.21
9 Nokia N90 0.22
10 Samsung SGH-G800 0.23
11 Samsung SGH-G800 0.23
12 Samsung Sync (SGH-A707) 0.236
13 Samsung Soul 0.24
14 Samsung Soul 0.24
15 Nokia 7390 0.26
16 Samsung Impression SGH-A877 0.27
17 Samsung Impression SGH-A877 0.27
18 Samsung Innov8 0.287
19 Samsung Innov8 0.287
20 Samsung SGH-S105 0.296
21 Sony Ericsson Z600 0.31
22 Beyond E-Tech Duet D888 0.32
23 Samsung SGH-T809 0.32
24 NEC 232E HDM 0.33
25 Samsung Bang & Olufsen Serene (Samsung SGH-E910) 0.33
26 Motorola ST7790 0.34
27 Motorola Razr2 V8 0.36
28 LG MM-535 0.36
29 Sony Ericsson T200 0.37
30 Nokia N-Gage 0.37
31 Sanyo RL-4930 0.374
32 Samsung SGH-T229 0.383
33 Samsung SGH-T229 0.383
34 Samsung SGH-P735 0.39
35 Nokia 5100 0.4
36 Samsung Drift (Helio) 0.41
37 Kyocera 2119 0.416
38 Motorola V60c 0.42
39 Motorola ST7790i 0.42
40 Nokia 9290 0.43
41 Motorola i1000plus 0.43
42 Sony Ericsson T300 0.43
43 Nokia 6263 0.43
44 LG KE970 Shine 0.443
45 Nokia 6610 0.45
46 Samsung SGH-A167 0.452
47 Samsung SGH-A167 0.452
48 Samsung SGH-i450 0.457
49 Motorola M3682 0.457
50 Samsung SGH-i450 0.457
51 Motorola G520 0.457
52 Samsung Rugby SGH-A837 (AT&T) 0.46
53 Samsung Rugby SGH-A837 (AT&T) 0.46
54 Nokia 8800 0.46
55 Nokia 3200 0.46
56 Samsung SGH-E105 0.47
57 Samsung SGH-X427 0.47
58 Samsung SGH-X426 0.47
59 Samsung Propel Pro 0.473
60 Samsung Propel Pro 0.473
61 Samsung SLM SGH-A747 0.478
62 Samsung Gravity SGH-T459 0.487
63 Samsung Gravity 0.487
64 Samsung x105 0.49
65 Nokia N95 0.49
66 Sony Ericsson T62u 0.49
67 Samsung Jitterbug OneTouch (SPH-A110) 0.5
68 T-Mobile Sidekick 3 0.5
69 Nokia 6600 0.5
70 Samsung Jitterbug Dial (SPH-A120) 0.5
71 Samsung SGH-D807 0.516
72 Motorola Razr2 V9 0.52
73 Casio Exilim C721 0.524
74 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-135 and CDM-135XL 0.529
75 Motorola M3097 0.53
76 T-Mobile Sidekick II 0.54
77 Samsung Alias 2 SCH-U750 0.541
78 Samsung Alias 2 SCH-U750 0.541
79 Motorola M3090 0.541
80 Nokia 7610 0.55
81 Sanyo Katana II 6650 0.554
82 NEC 535 0.56
83 AT&T Quickfire 0.563
84 Audiovox/UTStarcom AT&T Quickfire 0.563
85 Sony Ericsson T310 0.57
86 Sony Ericsson W800i 0.57
87 Nokia 3220 0.57
88 Sony Ericsson K790a 0.58
89 Sony Ericsson T68i 0.58
90 Sony Ericsson K800i 0.58
91 Motorola ST7762 0.58
92 Samsung SGH-A717 0.58
93 Sanyo SCP-3000 0.5811
94 Motorola i870 0.59
95 Motorola ST7860 0.59
96 Nokia 6230 0.59
97 Motorola A630 0.59
98 Samsung SGH-T609 0.59
99 Nokia E90 Communicator 0.59
100 Samsung SGH-T539 Beat 0.597
101 Sonim XP1 0.6
102 Samsung SGH-D415 0.6
103 Sony Ericsson W850i 0.6
104 LG VI5225 0.6
105 Samsung SPH-A920 0.6
106 LG LX550 0.6
107 Nokia 7500 Prism (Unlocked) 0.61
108 Audiovox/UTStarcom SMT5600 0.61
109 Nokia 6170 0.61
110 Motorola Razr2 V9x (AT&T) 0.61
111 Motorola Razr2 V9x (AT&T) 0.61
112 Motorola T193 0.62
113 Audiovox/UTStarcom Verizon Wireless Coupe 8630 0.628
114 Nokia 6360 0.63
115 T-Mobile Sidekick iD 0.63
116 Samsung Magnet SGH-A257 0.637
117 Samsung Magnet SGH-A257 0.637
118 Sony Ericsson P800 0.64
119 Samsung SGH-A737 0.655
120 Sanyo SCP-5000 0.657
121 Motorola Renegade V950 (Sprint) 0.66
122 Motorola Renegade V950 (Sprint) 0.66
123 Nokia 7370 0.66
124 Motorola T720i 0.66
125 Pantech C150 0.66
126 Sony Ericsson K750i 0.66
127 Samsung Katalyst 0.662
128 Samsung SCH-3500 0.6655
129 LG C330W 0.6698
130 T-Mobile Sidekick Slide 0.67
131 Sony Ericsson Z555a 0.67
132 Samsung SPH-A580 0.67
133 Sony Ericsson Z555a 0.67
134 Sony Ericsson Z555i 0.67
135 LG CF360 0.676
136 LG CF360 0.676
137 Sanyo Katana 0.678
138 Nokia 6102 0.68
139 Samsung SGH-P207 0.68
140 Nokia 6101 0.68
141 Nokia N75 0.68
142 Samsung MM-A800 0.68
143 Samsung SCH-U740 0.68
144 LG VX8600 0.68
145 Samsung SGH-A657 0.682
146 LG Xenon 0.686
147 Samsung Saga 0.687
148 Motorola i500plus 0.69
149 Sony Ericsson W380a 0.69
150 Motorola i700plus 0.69
151 Motorola i550plus 0.69
152 LG G4011 0.7
153 LG enV VX9900 0.7
154 Samsung SGH-E635 0.7
155 Motorola Ming A1200 0.7
156 LG G4015 0.71
157 Motorola Razr2 V9m 0.71
158 LG G4050 0.71
159 Motorola Razr2 V9m (Alltel) 0.71
160 LG A7110 0.71
161 LG L1200 0.71
162 LG C1300 0.71
163 LG G4010 0.714
164 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-3300 0.7162
165 T-Mobile Wing 0.717
166 Samsung SGH-U600 0.719
167 Nokia Luna 0.72
168 LG F9100 0.72
169 Sanyo M1 0.72
170 HTC Touch HD 0.72
171 Sanyo MM-5600 0.72
172 Pantech Ocean (Helio) 0.724
173 Samsung SGH-A177 0.724
174 LG TP5200 0.73
175 LG Incite CT810 0.73
176 Samsung SCH-i760 0.73
177 Samsung SGH-T339 0.733
178 Nokia E65 0.74
179 Palm Centro (AT&T) 0.74
180 Motorola A388 0.74
181 Nokia N91 0.74
182 Samsung SGH-T509 0.74
183 Pantech Breeze C520 0.74
184 Sony Ericsson T68 0.74
185 Motorola i30sx 0.748
186 Audiovox/UTStarcom HGP2000E 0.7496
187 Motorola MPx220 0.75
188 Nokia 3120 0.75
189 LG DM-L200 0.75
190 LG LX350 0.75
191 Sony Ericsson T306 0.75
192 Sony Ericsson T316 0.75
193 Samsung SGH-ZX20 0.76
194 Sony Ericsson T61d 0.76
195 Kyocera K4130 SoHo 0.76
196 Sony Ericsson T61LX 0.76
197 LG LX150 0.76
198 Samsung SPH-M520 0.761
199 LG LX400 0.765
200 LG VX10000 0.765
201 Nokia 6061 0.77
202 Motorola P280 0.77
203 Sony Ericsson S500i 0.77
204 Nokia N81 0.78
205 Nokia N82 0.78
206 LG AX490 0.78
207 Nokia 6820 0.78
208 Sony Ericsson P990i 0.78
209 Samsung Access SGH-A827 0.782
210 Sanyo Katana LX 0.783
211 Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 0.789
212 Apple iPhone 3G S (32GB) 0.79
213 Motorola i2000plus 0.79
214 Nokia 6305i 0.79
215 Apple iPhone 3G S (16GB) 0.79
216 Nokia N95 (8GB, Unlocked) 0.79
217 Sony Ericsson A1228C 0.795
218 LG Rhythm 0.798
219 Samsung SGH-T109 0.8
220 HTC Vox S710 0.8
221 Motorola V755 0.8
222 Nokia 5300 0.8
223 Samsung SGH-N625 0.8
224 Sony Ericsson W760i 0.81
225 Samsung SGH-T629 0.814
226 Sharp TM150 0.82
227 Nokia 3390 0.82
228 Nokia 6682 0.82
229 Sony Ericsson A1228di 0.823
230 Sony Ericsson A1228D and1228LX 0.823
231 Nokia 7280 0.83
232 LG LX1200 0.83
233 Nokia 7380 0.83
234 Nokia E61i 0.83
235 Nokia 6215i 0.83
236 Nokia 3650 0.83
237 HTC Advantage 0.836
238 LG TP5250 0.839
239 Asus P527 0.84
240 Nokia 7510 (T-Mobile) 0.84
241 Samsung Blast SGH-T729 0.84
242 Nokia 6310i 0.84
243 T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 (Sharp) 0.847
244 HTC Touch Diamond (Sprint) 0.85
245 Kyocera KX2 Koi 0.85
246 LG CG225 0.85
247 Audiovox/UTStarcom Sprint VM4050 0.85
248 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-9000 0.85
249 LG VX9800 0.85
250 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-9900 0.85
251 HTC Touch Diamond (Verizon Wireless) 0.853
252 RIM BlackBerry 7100g 0.86
253 Nokia N80 0.86
254 Nokia 3395 0.86
255 Helio Kickflip (VK Mobile) 0.86
256 Motorola C332 0.865
257 LG VX8000 0.865
258 ZTE C79 0.869
259 Samsung SGH-P777 0.87
260 LG F7200 0.87
261 Nokia 3300 0.87
262 Nokia 2366i 0.87
263 RIM BlackBerry Storm 0.87
264 Sony Ericsson W200a 0.87
265 Samsung Slash 0.872
266 Samsung SCH-U700 Gleam 0.872
267 Motorola VU30 0.88
268 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8350i 0.88
269 Nokia 3250 0.88
270 Motorola V66 0.88
271 Sony Ericsson S710a 0.88
272 Samsung Muse SCH-U706 0.887
273 Kyocera 7135 0.888
274 LG F9200 0.89
275 Nokia 6133 0.89
276 Nokia 6126 0.89
277 Sanyo MM-8300 0.89
278 T-Mobile Sidekick LX (Sharp) 0.89
279 Motorola Razr V3 0.89
280 Samsung MM-A940 0.9
281 Motorola V2282 0.9
282 LG PM-225 0.9
283 Sanyo SCP-7000 0.9
284 Nokia E70 0.9
285 VK2020 0.91
286 Nokia N85 0.91
287 Motorola Rizr Z8 0.91
288 Nokia 6200 0.91
289 Samsung SPH-N270 0.912
290 Sanyo Katana Eclipse 0.912
291 Palm Pre 0.919
292 Samsung SGH-E335 0.92
293 Nokia 6650 0.92
294 Sony Ericsson T61z 0.92
295 Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 0.92
296 Samsung SPH-A900 0.92
297 Samsung SGH-T439 0.92
298 Samsung Armani 0.92
299 Kyocera TNT 0.92
300 Sanyo SCP-6400 0.926
301 Motorola C350g 0.93
302 LG VX6100 0.93
303 Nokia 8265 0.93
304 Motorola i860 0.93
305 LG enV Touch 0.932
306 LG VX3450 0.937
307 Kyocera Oystr 0.94
308 Motorola Z9 0.94
309 Wherify Wherifone G560 0.94
310 Sanyo MM-7400 0.95
311 Nokia 8260 0.95
312 LG PM-325 0.95
313 LG VX5500 0.953
314 Samsung SCH-U620 Mobi 0.958
315 Samsung SGH T119 0.958
316 Samsung Renown SCH-U810 0.958
317 Samsung SGH-A117 0.96
318 Nokia N96 0.96
319 LG VX3400 0.963
320 Samsung Propel – SGH-A767 0.968
321 Samsung SCH-8500 0.969
322 Sanyo RL7300 0.97
323 Samsung SP-i600 0.97
324 Nokia 5800 Xpress Music 0.97
325 Apple iPhone (8GB) 0.974
326 Apple iPhone (4GB) 0.974
327 Audiovox/UTStarcom PCX-1000XL 0.9766
328 Sony Ericsson P1i 0.98
329 Sanyo MM-7500 0.98
330 Samsung SGH-R225M 0.98
331 Nokia 3100 0.98
332 Velocity 103 0.98
333 LG CE500 0.98
334 Samsung Behold SGH-T919 0.985
335 Samsung SPH-M300 0.99
336 Nokia E75 0.99
337 LG VI-125 0.99
338 ZTE C78 0.994
339 LG Neon 0.998
340 LG TM510 0.998
341 LG VX4400 1
342 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-4000 1
343 Samsung Ace (SPH-i325) 1
344 Nokia 6085 1
345 Sony Ericsson T61c 1.01
346 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900 (AT&T) 1.01
347 Samsung SPH-N400 1.01
348 Samsung SGH-D307 1.01
349 Sanyo PM-8200 1.01
350 Motorola Rokr E1 1.01
351 LG C2000 1.01
352 Samsung Rant 1.01
353 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900 (T-Mobile) 1.01
354 Pantech Helio Ocean 2 1.02
355 Motorola Rokr E8 1.02
356 Motorola i580 1.02
357 Motorola Rizr 1.02
358 Samsung SGH-T429 1.02
359 LG Glimmer 1.03
360 Audiovox/UTStarcom CMP 1.03
361 Sony Ericsson K700i 1.03
362 Motorola Krzr K1m (Sprint) 1.03
363 Motorola Krzr K1m 1.03
364 Kyocera 2325 1.03
365 Motorola SC-3160 1.03
366 Motorola V3682 1.04
367 NEC L1 1.04
368 LG CG300 1.04
369 Audiovox/UTStarcom G’zOne Type Boulder 1.04
370 Sony Ericsson W810i 1.04
371 Samsung SGH-D900 (Black Carbon) 1.04
372 Nokia N76 1.04
373 Samsung Jack 1.04
374 Samsung Delve SCH-r800 1.04
375 Samsung Juke SCH-U470 1.04
376 Nokia 3555 1.04
377 Motorola i570 1.05
378 Samsung VM-A680 1.05
379 Samsung Jetset SCH-r550 (Cricket) 1.05
380 Samsung SGH-A727 1.05
381 Samsung SGH-T349 1.05
382 Motorola i670 1.05
383 Motorola i850 1.05
384 Samsung Byline SCH-R310 1.05
385 Samsung SPH-A740 (Sprint PM-A740) 1.05
386 Nokia 7270 1.05
387 LG CU320 1.06
388 Pantech Duo C810 1.07
389 Samsung Hue II SCH-R600 1.07
390 Samsung SGH-T619 1.07
391 Samsung SCH-U430 1.07
392 Motorola Krzr K1 1.07
393 Samsung SCH-411 1.0747
394 Samsung SPH-M220 (Sprint) 1.08
395 Nokia 7205 Intrigue 1.08
396 Samsung Glyde SCH-U940 1.08
397 LG AX380 Wave 1.08
398 Samsung SGH-x475 1.08
399 Nokia 3595 1.08
400 Nokia 6010 1.08
401 Motorola W490 1.08
402 RIM BlackBerry 7130c 1.09
403 Samsung SCH-A990 1.09
404 Nokia 8290 1.09
405 LG Dare 1.09
406 Motorola i365 1.09
407 Samsung Smooth 1.09
408 Samsung SPH-M610 1.09
409 Palm Centro (Verizon Wireless) 1.09
410 Sanyo SCP-8400 1.1
411 LG VX3300 1.1
412 Samsung SGH-A437 1.1
413 Kyocera Switch Back 1.1
414 LG LX5450 1.1
415 Samsung SPH-M320 (Sprint) 1.11
416 Motorola Q 1.11
417 Samsung TwoStep SCH-R470 1.11
418 HTC Dream T-Mobile G1 1.11
419 Nokia Mirage 2605 1.12
420 Nokia 6225 1.12
421 Sony Ericsson J300a 1.12
422 LG CU500V 1.12
423 Kyocera K10 1.12
424 Nokia 3620 1.12
425 Kyocera 3225 1.12
426 LG CU500 1.12
427 LG VX8700 1.13
428 HTC Fuze 1.13
429 Pantech C120 1.13
430 LG VX8500 Chocolate 1.13
431 Sanyo RL-4920 1.13
432 Samsung SGH-P107 1.13
433 Samsung SGH-A227 1.13
434 HTC Mogul 1.13
435 Sony Ericsson Z310a 1.13
436 Sanyo SCP-5150 1.1309
437 Samsung Knack SCH-U310 1.14
438 Nokia E61 1.14
439 LG VX8360 1.14
440 Motorola Razr V3m (Sprint) 1.14
441 LG CU400 1.14
442 Motorola Razr V3m 1.14
443 Motorola Razr V3c 1.14
444 Samsung SGH-X497 1.14
445 Samsung SGH-A237 1.14
446 Motorola V325 1.14
447 Nokia 6016i 1.14
448 Sony Ericsson K850i 1.14
449 Samsung MM-A700 1.14
450 LG CU720 Shine 1.14
451 LG VX4700 1.14
452 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-8900 1.15
453 Motorola i90c 1.15
454 Nokia 6086 1.15
455 Sony Ericsson M600i 1.15
456 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-8940 1.15
457 Pantech DM-P100 1.15
458 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-8500 1.15
459 Audiovox/UTStarcom Flasher V7 1.15
460 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-180 1.15
461 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-120 1.16
462 LG VX8100 1.16
463 Sanyo SCP-5400 1.16
464 Pantech C610 1.16
465 Sony Ericsson T616 1.16
466 Samsung SGH-C225 1.16
467 Motorola Krave ZN4 1.16
468 Motorola i265 1.16
469 RIM BlackBerry 7100i 1.17
470 ZTE C88 1.17
471 LG CG180 1.17
472 Samsung IP-830w 1.17
473 Motorola Clutch i425 1.17
474 LG VX4500 1.17
475 Motorola V2397 1.17
476 Samsung Tint (MetroPCS) 1.17
477 LG VX3200 1.17
478 Samsung SCH-U520 1.17
479 Sharp Z-800 1.18
480 Sony Ericsson T226 1.18
481 Sony Ericsson T237 1.18
482 Sanyo SCP-200 1.18
483 Motorola i730 1.18
484 Samsung SGH-T309 1.18
485 Samsung SGH-T819 1.19
486 LG LX160 1.19
487 Audiovox/UTStarcom Verizon Wireles Blitz 1.19
488 Samsung SGH-A777 1.19
489 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-8000 1.19
490 HTC Touch Cruise 1.19
491 Samsung SGH-X820 1.19
492 Motorola 120x 1.19
493 Audiovox/UTStarcom Sprint PM-8920 1.19
494 Motorola NASCAR i736 1.19
495 Kyocera 3245 1.19
496 NEC 525 1.2
497 NEC 515 HDM 1.2
498 Samsung SPH-A560 1.2
499 Nokia 6500 Classic 1.2
500 Samsung BlackJack II 1.2
501 LG VX5400 1.2
502 Samsung SGH-E316 1.2
503 Kyocera Slider SE47 1.2
504 Motorola Pebl U6 1.2
505 LG TP2110 1.2
506 Nokia 6800 1.2
507 Sony Ericsson T610 1.21
508 Sanyo Katana DLX 8500 1.21
509 LG LX5550 1.21
510 Sanyo Pro-200 1.21
511 LG VX8300 1.21
512 Motorola Razr V3xx 1.21
513 RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (T-Mobile) 1.22
514 LG CE110 1.22
515 Samsung SGH-T409 1.22
516 LG Decoy 1.22
517 LG Scoop 1.22
518 Kyocera SE47 1.22
519 LG Muziq (LG 570) 1.22
520 Samsung Jitterbug J 1.22
521 Motorola Timeport L7089 and P7389 1.22
522 Google Ion (HTC Magic) 1.22
523 LG VX4600 1.22
524 RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (AT&T) 1.22
525 Sanyo SCP-7050 1.22
526 LG Rumor 1.22
527 Samsung Finesse SCH-r810 1.22
528 Motorola V600 1.23
529 Motorola V220 1.23
530 Motorola V300 1.23
531 Motorola Slvr L7c 1.23
532 Motorola Rokr Z6m 1.23
533 LG LX175 Flare 1.23
534 Motorola V400 1.23
535 LG AX5000 1.23
536 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-8600 1.23
537 Samsung SPH-A640 1.23
538 Kyocera K325 Cyclops 1.23
539 Kyocera Mako S4000 1.23
540 Motorola Active W450 1.23
541 LG VX5200 1.23
542 Pantech PN-820 1.23
543 Motorola V2267 1.24
544 Samsung SGH-N105 1.24
545 Motorola ic502 1.24
546 Samsung SGH-a127 1.24
547 Motorola i58sr 1.24
548 Motorola E815 1.24
549 Sanyo Pro-700 1.24
550 Nokia E63 1.24
551 Nokia 6236i 1.24
552 LG VX10 1.24
553 Kyocera 2345 1.24
554 LG Migo VX1000 1.24
555 Samsung SGH-A637 1.24
556 Motorola Hollywood 1.24
557 Pantech Slate 1.24
558 LG VX1 1.24
559 LG V111 1.243
560 Kyocera K127 Marbl 1.25
561 Verizon Wireless XV6900 1.25
562 Samsung SGH-P300 1.25
563 LG VX9400 1.25
564 Sanyo VM4500 1.25
565 Sanyo SCP-2700 1.25
566 Nokia 5310 Xpress Music 1.25
567 Nokia 6555 (AT&T) 1.25
568 Motorola i605 1.25
569 HTC Touch 1.25
570 Motorola Renew 1.26
571 Motorola V60g 1.26
572 LG Vu 1.26
573 Audiovox/UTStarcom Virgin Mobile Shuttle 1.26
574 Palm Treo 700w 1.26
575 LG VX8800 1.26
576 LG CU575 1.26
577 Palm Treo 700wx 1.26
578 Firefly flyPhone 1.26
579 Samsung SCH-T300 1.26
580 Nokia N78 1.26
581 Samsung SPH-M510 1.26
582 Nokia 5140 1.26
583 Motorola Razr V3i 1.26
584 Sony Ericsson W580i 1.26
585 Motorola V60p (PTT) 1.26
586 Sony Ericsson W600i 1.26
587 LG Chocolate 3 VX8560 1.26
588 Samsung SCH-6100 1.2672
589 Samsung SCH-R500 Hue (Alltel) 1.27
590 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-8910VW 1.27
591 Samsung Fin (Helio) 1.27
592 Nokia N95 (North American edition) 1.27
593 Samsung Hue SCH-R500 1.27
594 Nokia 6255i 1.27
595 Samsung SGH-X507 1.27
596 RIM BlackBerry 7750 1.27
597 Motorola V60T color 1.27
598 Motorola V60 1.27
599 Sanyo SCP-2400 1.27
600 LG VX5300 1.27
601 LG VX3100L 1.27
602 LG VX3100 1.27
603 LG VX7000 1.27
604 Samsung SGH-A517 1.27
605 RIM BlackBerry 7250 1.27
606 Sanyo SCP-6000 1.28
607 Sanyo SCP-3100 1.28
608 Samsung SGH-T219 1.28
609 Samsung SCH-U420 Nimbus 1.28
610 Motorola V8162 1.28
611 Samsung SCH-R510 1.28
612 RIM BlackBerry 8820 (T-Mobile) 1.28
613 Audiovox/UTStarcom G’zOne Type-V 1.28
614 Samsung Sway SCH-U650 1.28
615 LG 4NE1 1.28
616 Sanyo VI-2300 1.28
617 Sony Ericsson T206 1.28
618 LG VX2000 1.28
619 Samsung SGH-T519 1.28
620 Kyocera QCP-2035 1.28
621 RIM BlackBerry 8820 (AT&T) 1.28
622 Nokia 6015i 1.28
623 Motorola Q Global (AT&T) 1.29
624 Samsung SCH-A930 1.29
625 Samsung SGH-T209 1.29
626 Motorola Q9h 1.29
627 Samsung PM-A840 1.29
628 Kyocera QCP-3035 1.29
629 LG VX8550 Chocolate 1.29
630 Nokia 3205 1.29
631 Pantech PN-210 (Verizon Wireless) 1.3
632 LG CU515 1.3
633 Motorola T720 1.3
634 Sanyo SCP-4900 1.3
635 Audiovox/UTStarcom Verizon Wireless CDM8950 1.3
636 LG LX140 Aloha 1.3
637 Motorola V8160 1.3
638 LG Wine 1.3
639 Pantech Hero (Helio) 1.3
640 Motorola i880 1.3
641 Audiovox/UTStarcom XV6800 1.3
642 Motorola Q9c 1.3
643 Motorola Q9m 1.3
644 Audiovox/UTStarcom Verizon Wireless CDM8975 1.3
645 HTC Cavalier S630 1.3
646 Pantech PN-215 1.3
647 Samsung Epix 1.3
648 LG VX8350 1.3
649 Pantech PN-300 (Verizon Wireless) 1.3
650 Samsung Omnia 1.31
651 Motorola T8097 1.31
652 Kyocera 5135 1.31
653 Motorola ST7797 1.31
654 Motorola P8097 1.31
655 Motorola Razr Maxx Ve 1.31
656 Kyocera S14 1.31
657 Curitel Identity 1.32
658 Sony Ericsson C902 1.32
659 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-8905 1.32
660 LG VX6000 1.32
661 Motorola T270c 1.32
662 Samsung SPH-A420 1.32
663 Kyocera KE434C 1.32
664 Kyocera KE413 1.32
665 Audiovox/UTStarcom PPC4100 1.32
666 Motorola 270c 1.32
667 Nokia 5700 Xpress Music 1.33
668 Motorola C333 (CDMA) 1.33
669 Kyocera 2135 1.33
670 LG VX9000 1.33
671 Samsung Instinct S30 1.33
672 Samsung SPH-A400 1.33
673 Palm Treo 650 CDMA 1.33
674 Samsung SPH-A500 1.33
675 LG C1500 1.34
676 LG Invision 1.34
677 Motorola Razr VE20 1.34
678 LG enV(2) 1.34
679 LG enV3 1.34
680 Audiovox/UTStarcom G’zOne Type-S 1.34
681 Motorola Slvr L7 1.34
682 Samsung Trance SCH-U940 1.34
683 Samsung SCH-U540 1.34
684 LG AX275 1.34
685 Samsung SPH-N200 1.3415
686 Samsung SPH-N300 1.3451
687 Samsung SPH-A760 (Sprint RL-A760) 1.35
688 Sony Ericsson W6710i 1.35
689 Motorola Rizr Z6tv 1.35
690 Motorola i425 1.35
691 Sanyo SCP-400 1.35
692 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-9500 1.35
693 Palm Centro 1.35
694 Samsung SCH-A310 1.357
695 Sony Ericsson Z710i 1.36
696 Samsung Z400 1.36
697 Samsung SGH-X495 1.36
698 Motorola i50sx 1.36
699 Motorola U9 1.36
700 LG Lotus 1.36
701 Samsung SPH-i700 1.36
702 Sony Ericsson P900 1.36
703 Pantech C630 1.36
704 Motorola i85s 1.36
705 Motorola Tundra VA76r 1.36
706 Samsung SCH-U410 1.36
707 Motorola i530 1.37
708 Sanyo SCP-310 1.37
709 Samsung SGH-D357 1.37
710 Motorola i80s 1.37
711 Samsung SPH-I330 1.37
712 Sanyo SCP-8100 1.37
713 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-105 1.37
714 Audiovox/UTStarcom Virgin Mobile Arc 1.37
715 Apple iPhone 3G (16GB) 1.38
716 Samsung SCH-A670 1.38
717 Apple iPhone 3G (8GB) 1.38
718 LG Versa 1.38
719 Motorola ST7762D 1.38
720 Motorola ST7867 1.38
721 Huawei M328 (MetroPCS) 1.38
722 Motorola C650 1.38
723 LG LX5350 1.38
724 Samsung SGH-T329 1.38
725 Samsung SGH-ZX10 1.38
726 Motorola 120c 1.38
727 Samsung SGH-D407 1.38
728 Samsung SPH-I500 1.38
729 Motorola P8167 1.38
730 Motorola T8167 1.38
731 Samsung MM-A880 1.38
732 T-Mobile Shadow (HTC) 2009 1.38
733 Samsung SCH-U340 1.39
734 Motorola V188 1.39
735 Motorola V180 1.39
736 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-8945 1.39
737 Kyocera KE424C 1.39
738 Samsung Mysto (Helio) 1.39
739 Sanyo SCP-4700 1.39
740 LG TP1100 1.39
741 Nokia 1680 1.39
742 Motorola i95cl 1.39
743 Motorola i60c 1.39
744 Motorola Bobby Jones i99cl 1.39
745 Samsung SCH-U550 1.39
746 Samsung SPH-M620 1.4
747 Motorola Talkabout 2297 1.4
748 Pantech DM-P205 1.4
749 Motorola Hint QA30 (Cricket) 1.4
750 Nokia N79 1.4
751 Kyocera 2235 1.4
752 Motorola V710 1.4
753 Sanyo SCP-4500 1.4
754 Palm Treo Pro (Sprint) 1.4
755 Motorola V505 1.4
756 Samsung FlipShot SCH-U900 1.4
757 Motorola V557 1.4
758 Motorola V330 1.4
759 Motorola Hint QA30 1.4
760 Sanyo SCP-7200 1.4
761 Sony Ericsson T637 1.41
762 Motorola i836 1.41
763 Motorola i830 1.41
764 Kyocera QCP-6035 1.41
765 Samsung SCH-N330 1.41
766 Samsung SCH-N150 1.41
767 Nokia 5185i 1.41
768 LG TP3000 1.41
769 Samsung SGH-E715 1.41
770 Kyocera K323 1.41
771 Sanyo SCP-3200 1.41
772 Sanyo SCP-5300 1.41
773 Samsung SPH-N240 1.41
774 Samsung Messager R450 1.42
775 Samsung SPH-A600 1.42
776 Samsung VI-A820 1.42
777 HTC Touch Dual 1.42
778 Kyocera K312P 1.42
779 Pantech C300 1.42
780 Sony Ericsson Z750a 1.42
781 Sony Ericsson W300i 1.42
782 Pantech PN-218 1.42
783 Samsung SCH-i830 1.43
784 Nokia 2600 1.43
785 Samsung SCH-i600 1.43
786 Samsung VI660 1.43
787 Samsung SGH-Q105 1.43
788 HTC Touch Pro (Sprint) 1.43
789 Sony Ericsson TM506 1.43
790 Samsung SPH-M500 1.44
791 Motorola C168i (AT&T) 1.44
792 Samsung SGH-V206 1.44
793 Samsung SGH-V205 1.44
794 Samsung SGH-T719 1.44
795 Samsung SPH-A460 1.44
796 Motorola Stature i9 1.44
797 Kyocera X-tc 1.45
798 Sony Ericsson Z500a 1.45
799 Samsung Highnote 1.45
800 Motorola i576 1.45
801 Motorola i576 1.45
802 Samsung SCH-A970 1.45
803 Samsung Highnote 1.45
804 Kyocera X-tc 1.45
805 Motorola i776 1.45
806 Motorola i315 1.45
807 Samsung SCH-I300 1.45
808 Motorola C139 1.45
809 Motorola i355 1.45
810 Motorola Adventure V750 1.45
811 Motorola i776 1.45
812 LG L1150 1.45
813 Motorola V750 1.45
814 Sanyo SCP-6200 1.4597
815 Samsung Spex SCH-R210 1.46
816 Samsung SCH-A610 1.46
817 Samsung Instinct 1.46
818 RIM BlackBerry 8830 (Sprint) 1.46
819 Samsung Heat (Helio) 1.46
820 Kyocera KE424 1.46
821 Kyocera Wild Card 1.46
822 Sony Ericsson T608 1.46
823 Samsung DM-S105 1.46
824 Kyocera KX444 1.46
825 RIM BlackBerry 8830 (Verizon Wireless) 1.46
826 Samsung Spex SCH-R210 1.46
827 Samsung DM-S110 1.46
828 Kyocera KE414 1.46
829 Samsung Instinct 1.46
830 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-9100 1.461
831 Kyocera 2255 1.47
832 Samsung SCH-A890 1.47
833 Samsung SCH-A530 1.47
834 Kyocera 1155 1.47
835 Samsung SCH-A950 1.47
836 Samsung SCH-A870 1.47
837 Sony Ericsson Z520a 1.47
838 Sony Ericsson W880i 1.47
839 Samsung SCH-A650 1.47
840 Samsung SGH-S307 1.47
841 Audiovox/UTStarcom Virgin Mobile Super Slice 1.47
842 Samsung SCH-A790 1.47
843 Audiovox/UTStarcom Virgin Mobile Slice (UTStarcom PCS1400) 1.47
844 Samsung SGH-T639 1.47
845 Sony Ericsson Z525a 1.47
846 Motorola Slvr L7e 1.48
847 Sony Ericsson W350a 1.48
848 RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (Verizon Wireless) 1.48
849 Palm Treo 700p (Verizon) 1.48
850 Samsung VGA 1000 1.48
851 Sony Ericsson W350a 1.48
852 Palm Treo 700p (Sprint) 1.48
853 Sanyo S1 1.48
854 Audiovox/UTStarcom CDM-9155 1.49
855 HTC SMT5800 1.49
856 Motorola Z6c 1.49
857 Sony Ericsson P910 1.5
858 Motorola W315 1.5
859 Samsung SGH-C417 1.51
860 RIM BlackBerry Bold 1.51
861 RIM BlackBerry Curve (AT&T) 1.51
862 RIM BlackBerry Curve (aka BlackBerry 8300) 1.51
863 RIM BlackBerry Curve (T-Mobile) 1.51
864 Motorola V365 1.51
865 Motorola A845 1.51
866 LG Rumor 2 1.51
867 Palm Treo 650 GSM 1.51
868 LG Rumor 2 1.51
869 Motorola V360 1.51
870 RIM BlackBerry Bold 1.51
871 Pantech Matrix 1.52
872 Pantech Matrix 1.52
873 Nokia E71x 1.53
874 Motorola Deluxe ic902 1.53
875 Motorola P8767 1.53
876 Motorola i335 1.53
877 T-Mobile Shadow (HTC) 1.53
878 Nokia E71x 1.53
879 Motorola C290 1.53
880 Motorola ST7868 and ST7868W 1.53
881 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Sprint) 1.54
882 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Verizon Wireless) 1.54
883 Motorola W385 1.54
884 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (U.S. Cellular) 1.54
885 Motorola V70 1.54
886 Motorola Slvr L2 1.54
887 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Sprint) 1.54
888 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Verizon Wireless) 1.54
889 RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (U.S. Cellular) 1.54
890 Motorola V265 1.55
891 Motorola VU204 1.55
892 Motorola VU204 1.55
893 Kyocera Jax S1300 1.55
894 Motorola V120c 1.55
895 Kyocera Jax S1300 1.55
896 Motorola Slvr L6 1.58
897 Motorola Zine ZN5 1.59
898 Motorola ZN5 1.59
899 Motorola V195s 1.6
900 Motorola V195 1.6
901 Motorola V195s 1.6

Ok, so I am sure you found your phone on this list and may or may not be upset about where it falls. You can trade it in for a safer model or do some of the recommended steps I mentioned above. Look, we all know that cell phones are a permanent part of our lives now. But why take a risk when we really don't know the outcome? Time will tell if there really is a link but new data is drawing those loose conclusions and I would rather be safe then sorry.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Orange Oil and Its Amazing Health Benefits

I have been drinking Orange Essential oil for about 5 months now. I don't actually drink the oil straight, I drop about 10-15 drops into my bottled water and drink orange flavored water all day long. Its truly delicious and has some amazing health benefits that I bet you are not aware of.

Orange Oil: Everyday Uses for Excellent Health

Orange essential oil for your body:

  • Aids digestion and detoxifies your system

  • Eases constipation

  • Relieves water retention

  • Stimulates your adrenals

  • Promotes circulation

  • Combats cellulite

  • Increases your absorption of vitamin C

  • Supports your immunity to fight colds and flu

  • Strengthens and rejuvenates your skin

Orange essential oil for your mind:

  • Reduces stress, nervousness and tension

  • Energizes and fights lethargy and fatigue

  • Treats depression during menopause

  • Induces sleep when combined with lavender

  • Promotes creative thinking

  • Moves energy out of your head and into your heart

  • Encourages right brain functioning

Orange essential oil for your home:

  • Cleans and disinfects

  • Removes stains, especially from counter tops

  • Is an effective degreaser

Limonene and Orange Oil: Potent Anti-Cancer Ingredient

Besides being such an effective mind and body healer, new research has shown that limonene, a component that makes up greater than 90% of pure orange oil, has amazing anti-cancer properties.

The limonene (also known as d-limonene) in orange essential oil can be effective in fighting melanoma, liver, breast, lung, and pancreatic cancers.

For skin cancers, people use limonene topically; it can also be taken internally as an effective natural cancer treatment and preventative.

Its like an insurance policy for your body. I feel healthier ever since I started drinking it and I will eventually put some into my kid's water bottles as well.

If you are interested in how to get some of this delicious Orange Oil, please go to and/or contact me for more info. Young Living is the only company to produce therapeutic grade essential oils. They are the purest, most potent oils around. I trust them for myself and my family!