Monday, November 14, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Is Poisoning Our Children

Johnson & Johnson, a household name when it comes to baby products has been putting known carcinogens into its shampoos, body washes and creams for years. Its only now, that people are becoming more aware of it and finally taking action.  I have blogged before about the dangers of using big "brand" consumer products and finally these dangers are being uncovered by the general public.

Activists such as Breast Cancer Fund, Environmental Working Group, Friends of the Earth, American Nurses Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility and Green America are calling for a boycott of J&J's baby products because of the harmful chemicals that they use in their shampoos, body washes and lotions.

J&J can get away with this crime because it has such deep pockets and can keep the FDA and any other government agency off its back by greasing the hands of the politicians. Big Pharma is controlling our lives. 

Here are some of the chemicals in the baby products manufactured by J&J and their known and scientifically proven health effects: Mineral oil (skin cancer), methylisothiazolinone (neurotoxin), phthalate esters (asthma, allergies, eczema), 1,4-dioxane (carcinogen, neurotoxin), formaldehyde (cancer, breathing problems).

Do you want to expose your children to this? I can't even believe that formaldehyde would be considered as an ingredient in a baby product. Shame on this country for allowing it!! Many other countries outside of the united states have banned these type of chemicals from being used in personal care products. J&J feels there is no danger to humans because they are using these chemicals in such small doses. However, the human body doesn't work that way. Overtime these chemicals build up in our bodies and can have a toxic cumulative effect on our organs. 

Here is a link to an article about J&J's toxic chemicals as well as other links to recent news about this:

In recent news, formaldehyde has been cited as the cause for sickness in many hair salons across the country that use the Brazilian Blow Out hair straightening treatment. Because of the fumes from the hair creams, hair stylists have been getting nose bleeds and headaches among other illnesses. The Brazilian Blow Out is expected to be banned from most salons until they remove the formaldehyde from the ingredient list. The company denies that it contains this chemical, but independent studies have confirmed that formaldehyde is present when the cream is being applied to the hair and is being inhaled by anyone in close proximity.

Since YOU are the only one that can control what goes into or onto your body, take heed and read all the ingredients. If you can't pronounce it, don't buy it. If you can pronounce it but don't know what it is, look it up and then decide.   

I have been using California Baby Products since my children were born. These products are chemical free and fragrance free. They are more expensive but I personally think its something I don't want to gamble with. Method baby products also claim to be chemical free but I have been sticking with California Baby. If you really want to be sure, just buy all your baby products at a health food store or a place like Whole foods. I certainly think your little one is worth it!

Here is a link to the post about chemicals that I wrote back in 2009: